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Suite Depandance Napoleone

The Suite Depandance Napoleone is located in an historical building at 8 minutes walk from Palazzo Ruspoli, it is located in Via del Corso n 287.

The Suite is located in the heart of Rome a few steps away from the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum

If you stay at the Suite Depandance Napoleone you will enjoy a private balcony overlooking Piazza Venezia unique in the world.

Suite Queen Ortensia Bonaparte

Discover the majestic Queen Ortensia Bonaparte Suite and take advantage of the unique occasion to lodge into the Dutch Queen’s residence, wife to Napoleon I’s brother, for a luxury stay in the Capital.

During her stay between 1823 and 1830, Ortensia commissioned the decoration of ceilings and walls inspired by the style of Malmaison Castle in Paris which was the villa owned by her mother Giuseppina Beauharmais and Napoleon I.

Suite Princess Pia

Choose the comfort of a suite inside a peaceful property, in Rome’s historical center, a few steps from Via Condotti.

Suite Emperor Bonaparte

Dive into the past by lodging in the suite where Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte lived with her mother: you will discover an historical place providing several modern comforts.

By choosing the Suite Emperor Bonaparte, a space of over 100 sq will be at your disposal in an exclusive vintage residence, composed of various halls and accommodations hosting a maximum of 4 guests.

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